[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] last names?

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Hi Dave

I'm not sure about the addition of the "e" but as far as I can see my 
Krause's always had the 'e' at the end looking at old Lutheran Church 
records in Poland (back to 1830's is all I've found).  I was once told the 
more usual Polish version is with a Z Krauze.  I have been unable to trace 
any of my Great grandfathers siblings descendants after 1940 in the Chelm, 
Lubelskie area of Poland (near Ukraine).  My life's mission is to find them 
some alive descendants, but I don't really know how to.  None of them seem 
to be doing any research, they of course may of all been wiped out by the 
war, or they may no longer know their history if they fled and older family 
members died.

Michaelle Krause McDonald

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Hi all;
I recently found out (through Ancestry.com) that I may have a Jewish
connection through my last name - Krause.  But today I saw Sandra Braun
(May 7 post) request help with a Polish translation for a Tobias Kraus.
Someone then spelled Tobias Krause in part of a response.
Does anyone care to comment on the addition of the "e" at the end of a
name?  What would the addition do - besides add a sylable to the
pronounciation. Kraus vs Krau za.  Just very curious! Thanks for any

Take care, Dave Krause
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