[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] last names?

Sigrid Pohl Perry perry1121 at aol.com
Mon May 9 05:44:58 PDT 2016

Hi Dave,

It this statement based on surname alone, or does it include a dna test? 
I can see that if dna shows commonality with Jewish haplogroups that 
they might link that with a common German Jewish surname spelling in 
Eastern Europe where Ashkenazi Jews settled. But the name/spelling 
Krause is used by German groups who aren't Jewish. There are almost 1600 
Krause entries in the SGGEE MPD, even without selecting "Soundex." The 
other databases show that as the most common spelling as well, even 
those that favor the literal Polish spelling, e.g. Parish Records 
Database and the Lublin Project Database. There are a few Krauze and 
Kraus/Krauss, but I wouldn't eliminate those spellings in a search for 
Krause ancestors. Although SGGEE databases include some Baptist and 
probably Catholic family records, it consists primarily of Evangelical 
Augsburg/Lutheran records.


Sigrid Pohl Perry

On 5/8/2016 9:42 PM, Dave Krause wrote:
> Then, what is the "source" that allows Ancestry.com to make an absolute
> statement?  Ancestry indicates that the spelling "Krause" indicates a
> connection to German and Ashkenazi Jews.

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