[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Where should I look next?

Irene König kopetzke at gmx.net
Tue May 10 06:11:35 PDT 2016

>> http://www.schmidt-family.com/schmidt/
>> My grandfather Adolph Schmidt lived with his cousin Matthew Urich
>> in early 1900's. I've provided his information as well because
>> certainly he ties back into the same family in a generation.


most of the village names on your web site are misspelled, but you'll 
locate some of it using Frank Stewners gazetteers of Volhynia and of 
Russian Poland. Latitude and longitude are given in the gazetteers. Once 
you found the village or its position on Google maps, you can look at 
older maps, e.g. on mapywig.org.


Are you aware of the birth record of Emilie SCHMIDT in 1898 in the 
Rozyszcze books (#288/1898)? Parents are Nicolai SCHMIDT and Katharina 
KRAUSHAAR in Colony Ploschtscha/Ploszcza, Lutsk uyezd.


This was probably Ploschtscha-Lomanowskaja, south of Lutsk. About 12km 
further east you'll find the Colony Horodnica/Gorodnitza, birth place of 
your grandfather.

As for the confirmation, there has been two Nowiny in this area, one of 
them also called Novyna-Dobriatynska or Colony Nowiny, which was 
probably the right one. Gorodnitza and Nowiny, though not far away from 
Lutsk, were in the Dubno uyezd. (Hence the mention of "Diubon" and 
"Deuboy", I suppose).

In Ploszcza lived quite a few families from Galicia. Some immigrated 
directly from Galicia, some took their way from Galicia to the 
gouvernements Radom and Kielce in Russian Poland, then to Volhynia. In 
reading the marriage records of Rozyszcze Parish you will see that 
KRAUSHAAR and UHRICH were from Galicia. Other galician families in 
WAGNER. They seem to have come mainly from Hohenbach, Reichsheim and 
Padew but I didn't check all names in the Rozyszcze books.


Matthias UHRICH was born in Ogledow (Staszow, Swietokrzyskie, Poland). 
If his mother was a sister of Nikolaus SCHMIDT, the SCHMIDT family may 
have settled in the same area. Also, another SCHMIDT family of Ploszcza 
came from Przeczow (Staszow, Swietokrzyskie, Poland), which was not far 
away from Ogledow. So, this could be the area where to look for the 
marriage record of Nikolaus SCHMIDT and his birth record.

As for his death record, you may look at the Lutsk books for 1904-1912. 
They are written in Russian, though. No guarantee you'll find something.


Irene König

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