[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Where should I look next?

Irene König kopetzke at gmx.net
Thu May 12 03:38:56 PDT 2016

Am 11.05.2016 um 23:09 schrieb Drew Schmidt:
> Thanks for passing along the information and specifically about
> Emilie - - I believe this is the records -
> http://agadd.home.net.pl/metrykalia/439/sygn.%2023/pages/PL_1_439_23_0037.htm
>  All I can say is WOW. I thought I was pretty good at reading old
> script but this would really put be to the test.


if you are able to read Russian, there is even more to explore in the 
church books of the Reformed Church of Siedlec. Unfortunately, books 
befor 1876 are lost.

The records are online on http://metryki.genbaza.pl/
AP_Kielce/AP_Sandomierz/Sielec_ew 1875-1889
AP_Łódź / Sielec_ew 1890-1913

You need to register first on http://genpol.com/, then you can login 
with your email and password on metryki.genbaza.pl

You will find the following (and much more):

marriage of Johann HAUSER and Katharina KRAUSHAAR

marriage of Nikolai SCHMIDT and Katharina widowed HAUSER nee KRAUSHAAR

birth of Sophia SCHMIDT


1880 #12
marriage of Ferdinand UHRICH and Anna Maria BECKER

marriage of Ferdinand UHRICH (widower) and Anna Maria SCHMIDT

birth of Mattheus UHRICH

There are more children of this couple. Ferdinand died in 1897 and Maria 
remarried one year later. Happy hunting.

Irene König

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