[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] an Evangelical church

DLPratt123 at aol.com DLPratt123 at aol.com
Sun May 15 12:21:41 PDT 2016

Record #90 in the 1820 Catholic churchbook for Chelmno is a  marriage.  
About 13 lines down there is a reference "Kosciola ...  Ewangeliskego".  Can 
anyone locate this church for me?  The path to  the scans is:
and this record is scan 28.  Possibly the same church in clearer  
handwriting occurs four lines down the left side of scan 35.  But I can't  associate 
what I read there with any particular Evangelical church.  Other  records 
during that year reference Evangelical churches in Dabie, Gdansk,  etc.  (The 
stats on scan 45 may be of interest to some.)
The groom's name is Daniel Hirszka, whose descendants used the surname  
Hirsekorn, occasionally spelled Hirschekorn.  Is it likelier that Daniel  used 
this spelling, or that the vicar was converting the surname into  Polish?
Dan Pratt

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