[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Help with navigating the sggee site for Jerry Frank maps

Frank Stewner dr.stewner at t-online.de
Wed May 25 18:51:44 PDT 2016

The volhynian gazetteer contains the column "F-map" which means "Maps of
Jerry Frank". And G-4 for Heraldowka means you can find that village on map
9 in the right hand corner down. (Not all villages marked with G-4 in the
gazetteer can be seen on the G-map as Jerry did not enter some villages.
Thus these villages cannot be found in the "web map index Volhynia").


In order to download that map you need to go to


and search for Heraldowka or any other village on that map. When you click
on "G-4" the G-map will be downloaded.



The proposed road to that map over the oversight-map is not functioning,
which one can realize when going to


Thus that link needs a repair.


Both links are only for members. 

My gazetteers are free for all and thus seen by Google.


Greetings from Hamburg

Frank (Stewner)

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