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Perhaps you already have them, but there are brief write-ups about these 
Riehl, Schmidt, and Wunsch families in the Leduc and Millet history books.

Dick Stein

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Does anyone out there have a connection to any or all of the following 
Volhynian families, who ended up in Leduc or Millet, Alberta: (1) Valentine 
(William) Riehl (1871-1954), (2) Johannes Friederich Wunsch (1825? -     ) 
his wife, and (3) Juliana Schmidt (1853 - 1921), who was almost certainly a 
sister of Gustav Schmidt  (1871 - 1961), both being daughters of a 
Wilhelmina (____) Schmidt.   it seems to me I once saw a WUNSCH family 
history book, but it alas it has disappeared.  Thanks.
Don Miller
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