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	The Zhytomyr Oblast Archives contain nearly complete Lutheran death
records for the parishes of Heimtal, Zhytomyr, Radomyschil, Novograd Volynsk
and Emilschin for the period from 1900 to 1918.  The entries contain the
place and cause of death so a military death should have been obvious.  The
available data should bracket  the Russo-Japanese War but I have never seen
any entry for someone who died while serving in the Russian army.  

	I once arranged for someone to write on my behalf, in Russian, to
the Military Archive in Moscow asking about military service for specific
Volhynian German family members who were known to have served in the
Russo-Japanese War.  I could only provide names and the general period of
the war but their response was that without a specific regiment and specific
dates they were unable to help.    I have to assume that a searchable
computerized index is not yet available.

	Richard Flanagan

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If a colonist died during the Russo-Japanese War, or at any other time while
away from home as a result of service in the Russian military, would the
death have been recorded in the parish books?  Where else could one look for
a relevant record?
Dan Pratt
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