[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Link to digitised book on Germans in Poland (to 1917(

juliasgenes juliasgenes at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 29 21:17:29 PST 2016

Thank you, Manfred - I appreciate your effort. The document popped right up in Adobe.

Hal - I use Firefox. No, there was no little box in the middle of the screen saying "Flash". However, I right-clicked the screen and got a mention of Adobe Flash Player in a menu. I clicked Update, but it appears that I already have the updatiest version installed, 23,0,0,207. I never use it, but I went to Microsoft Edge and the monograph came right up. Therefore, it seems that there's some sort of Flash problem with my Firefox browser.

Mark - Thanks for the info. I really do wish I understood more about computers. I use Firefox, too. I checked "Add-ons" - Flash has "Always Activate" checked. Your explanation of the subdirectory makes sense to me. Thanks. <difmoe.eu> went right through to that homepage (Google Translate is working well, too). Feel free to chime in anytime I am lost in cyberspace!

Frank - Thanks for your link to the Martin Opitz Bibliothek.

All my appreciative best, Julia


On Tue, 11/29/16, Mark Klan <mark at markabout.com> wrote:
 Here's some additional information related to the original link below.  It indeed launches a Flash application...

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