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Helen Gillespie gilleh23 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 08:55:52 PDT 2016

To the List,

To the list,

The Library of Congress, through its World Digital Library, has digitised
many amazing books, documents, objects, photos etc. - plus many more shared
from other international state and national libraries and archives and

Some in particular were prepared by the British Foreign Office in
anticipation of the Peace Conference after World War I:

*European Coalitions, Alliances, and Ententes Since 1792 * (hover your
cursor over the cover and you can read the book on line or download

*German Colonization* is another interesting publication by the same
organisation  - short review of Germans to Russia, Brazil and North America

*Prussian Poland* publication outlines that areas upheavals and probable
explanation of movement further eastward

For a list of *all* the *British Foreign Office* publications
(who knew the Galapagos and Saint Pierre and Miquelon islands in the St.
Lawrence had an interest in this Peace Conference?)

All the above have detailed Tables of Content so worth a quick browse for
brief background info.

The main site is www.wdl.org            Click on *Explore *to pick a theme,
time period, language or institution donating the digitised item.
Wolhynia does not elicit a response, but Volhynia does.  Narrowing a
research and/or using the search options helps reduce "hits".

Have a great weekend

Helen Gillespie

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