[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Zduny (Krotoszyn) to Wladyslawow (Turek) -- surname Fiebig/Fibich

Dana Parker parker.dana at sbcglobal.net
Sun Sep 25 10:37:41 PDT 2016

I am trying to determine if my Wladyslawow (Turek) Fiebig family connect to the early Fiebigs in Zduny.  There was a Caspar Fiebig marriage and 2 children baptized in Zduny from 1728-1731, then nothing, which suggests they moved on in the 1730s.   My Wladyslawow ancestor, Samuel Gottlieb Fiebig, was born around 1760.  His father was a Caspar Fiebig, who is the right age to be a son or nephew of the Caspar Fiebig from Zduny.  

Zychlin seems to be most logical place to look, but how?  The mid-18th century Zychlin records are not even microfilmed at the Konin Archives.  Are certain genealogists permitted to look at the original old books?   This probably would require a tedious, browsing search of unindexed records, and I am afraid it will be very expensive to hire a genealogist unless they have already created proprietary indices.  Any recommendations are appreciated.  

My only other idea was was to look for Catholic records in nearby Russocice, for births and deaths at least.   The problem is that Polish Archives doesn't show any relevant collections for Russocice.  Any suggestions where else to look?  

Thanks for all the resources you have provided to enable me go back this far.  And thanks in advance for your assistance.  

Kind regards,
Dana Parker

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