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Subject: Re: March JOURNAL

referring to that said map about the german settlement sites I have to note an error, but now and here I am not able to write to the sggee list
and I would like to ask you to do it on behalf of me.

The map on page 14 is titled "German Settlements of the 19th century in East Europe (to the east of the Germany border of 1871)".
This is not correct.
The map shows the east border of Germany since 1945 till today!
Germany or better The German Empire at that time 1871 included Pomerania, Westprussia and Eastprussia,
Neumark as a part of Brandenburg, eastside of the river Oder, Upper and Lower Silesia and the easter part of the German Empire looked like
a tail fin.
At that same time (1871) Poland was governed by Russian Tsardom till 1920.
After World War II all these regions were lost, Poland got most of them, lost itself a large part of its east to Russia
and the border between Poland and Germany is marked since then by the rivers Oder and Neisse like in the mentioned map.
In my opinion the map should be altered even though the topic are the german settlement areas to avoid later confusions.

Best regards
mhe at m-hensel.de 

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