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No the article does not include their wives names or birthdates.

I am most interested in Friedrich Witt but there is more information on Wilhelm Kelm (who’s father was also Wilhelm). Wilhelm Kelm (Jr.)
had a son named Julius and William’s grandson, Reinhold Kelm was born in the colony in 1933. In 1937 when the men were “collected”
Wilhelm Kelm returned because of his old age. (I don’t know if that is Wilhelm Sr. or Jr.)

The village name was Krasnoznamenka.

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Do you nave approximate birth dates for these two men.  
Do you have names of their wives?

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  Hi List,

  I'm looking for any additional information regarding a Father Wilhelm Kelm 
  and Friedrich Witt who were the first residents of a resettlement colony.
  They were from Volhynia Gubernia. The colony was located 90km south of Tomsk 

  This is briefly mentioned in an article in the Winter 2016 AHSGR Journal.


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