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Hi, Randi,
  In the collection of documents "Liquidation of the russian Germans properties" (by Mikhailo Kostiuk) I've found  (page 109) these  two Volynian Germans with the surname "Klyaprat":
Klyaprat Julius Daniilowitsch,  colony Lisovshchina, Zhitomir district, land possession - 12,6 dessyatin (equals 33 acres)
Klyaprat Edmund Daniilovich,  colony Lesovshchina, Zhitomir district, land possession - 14,4 dessyatin (38 acres)

Mit herzrlichen Grüßen,
Natalia Yudina
(Moskau, Internationaler Verband der deutschen Kultur)
>Вторник, 18 апреля 2017, 1:04 +03:00 от rhloeb4 at mymts.net:
>My grandmother, Alwine Klaprat, was exiled to Siberia in 1916. My grandfather, Wilhelm Endler, had voluntarily moved to Siberia sometime earlier. Their marriage was arranged/negotiated in 1920. They were married in Omsk. Does anyone know how to find information about events that took place at the turn of the century in Siberia?
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