[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Vlliage name "Boguswale, Russia"?

Bob Krampetz bob.krampetz at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 18:24:49 PDT 2017

​I'm helping someone whose ancestors have "Boguswale, Russia" as their home
on their Ellis Island manifest as wherethey had emigrated from.
In the "ImmigrantsDobrinerRegion" on the SGGEE site,  they are listed as
from Boguschwala with comment noted of "village written Boguchwale" added.

Via Steve Morse's site,  I find those ancestors to be the only people to
have ever come
from that questionable "Boguswale" spelling.  When I searched for
Boguschwala,  I got
41 names and the great majority of them added "Galicia" or "Austria" or
none,  Only one used "Russia" and two "Poland"

Their actual manifest has as nearest relative where left,  as mothers name,
 Boguswale, Plock !

 A current Google map shows "Boguschwala" quite a distance from Plock, SSE
380km,  and nearly in Slovakia.

 So,  It appears Boguschwala was in Galicia once. and not part of the
Russia, partition.  Was it then within Plock's county?   Could the
apparently erroneous "Boguswale" have been in Dobrina,  as that SGGEE
immigrant list claims?  If so, what was the next closest name Boguswale
could have been?

 Thanks in advance,
 Bob Krampetz

   - Brick wall:  Andreas Krampitz B:~1750 , father of Jacob Krampitz

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