[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] The village of Gross Tuchen / Tuchomie

PETER VON LIPINSKY lipinsky at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 25 12:36:50 PDT 2017

This message is for Sue Wert. 
My intend was to help you with your search for the evangelical church records from " Gross Tuchen " ( now Tuchomie ) . 
I'm familiar with the village of Gross Tuchen, as well as most of the other nearby villages . My father was born in Damsdorf / Niezabyszewo, my grandfather was born in Zemmen / Ciemno and my great-grandfather was born in Glisno / Glizno. The 3 villages are within a stones throw of Gross Tuchen. I have visited the area in recent years several times and I also have been to the evangelical church in Gross Tuchen and I celebrated " Thanksgiving " one year not that long ago , also in Gross Tuchen. I even have part of stone shingle from the roof of the old Evangelical Lutheran church 
as a souvenir from this village . So, you can see, I'm familiar with area and I have many very good friends there as well as in Gdanks, Sopot, Oliva , Gross and Klein Platenheim ( the name of these two villages should ring a bell with some of the people who responded to my post ) and many more 
So, when I noted your posting for help on the list, I decided to see if I can help you, and not just sit and watch and hope somebody will help you. 
.I called on some of my old friends to find some information on the 3 Mielke ladies, supposedly been born in Gross Tuchen between 1855 - 1864. 
Sorry Sue Wert, but no trace could be found in the church records for these years. This doesn't mean that they were not born / baptized in another evangelical church in some other village In the so called Global Index, there are several hundred entries for the name Mielke of which 407 are named Pauline, Helene oder Auguste, but one of them fall into the birth dates you gave me for " YOUR " three ladies. 
I was hoping that with my connection in the Kashubian area of Pomorze , that I could help you . If at any other time Ican be of some help, plase get 
back to me A special note to Dr. Susanne Jeske for passing on the Stettiner Web Site 
Peter von LIpinsky 

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