[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] The village , district of Schlawe , Pomerania

PETER VON LIPINSKY lipinsky at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 25 19:00:59 PDT 2017

Message for Sue Wert 

Hello again Sue. Well Gross Tuchen didn't work out for you, but you mentioned that you have a lead in the town of Buckow, District of Schlawe . 

The LDS library has 4 micro films for Evangelical Church records from the town of Buckow / Schlawe ,for the years 1656 - 1958. These 4 micro films are available to view at any LDS Family History Centre free of charge . So, if one of these LDS Family History Centre's is close to you, here is your change to search for the elusive Mielke relative . 

You can get all this information .right at your home on your computer. Go to Familysearch.org and click on top of the page on " SEARCH " 
Now you see a drop down menu and click on CATALOG next there will be a line to enter the name of a place, in your case it is Buckow ,Schlawe , 
and click on the next link and all the information on the micro films will appear on screen for you to print out 

The micro film numbers are: 351998 / 351999 / 352000 / 352001 / 

Good Luck , Peter v. L 

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