[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Asstance with translating Russiandocument.

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Hallo aus Deutschland,

I've tried to decipher the place names:

the groom was residing in
Worokomle, Kowel district (Worokomle/Vorokomle), Kamin-Kashyrskyi, Volyn, 
and born in Chmielewo, Lomza district (Poland)
(10) wies


woj. podlaskie
pow. lomzynski
gmina Nowogród
69 osób

the bride lived in Maly Glusz??? Kowel district
and was born in Ruskoleka, Lomza district (Poland)
Stara Ruskoleka

woj. mazowieckie
pow. ostrowski
gmina Andrzejewo


There was a Wildemann branch living in Königsbach (Bukowiec), Lodz, 
originating from Württemberg.

My Kamens (Kamen(t)z, Camenz) ancestors originate from Maulbeerwalde in the 
Prignitz in Brandenburg and came to the Konin area in Poland in 1828. There 
was a probably related branch from Wittstock in Brandenburg that moved to 
the Gostynin area in 1816. Kamenz is a town in the district Bautzen in 
Saxony, Germany.



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This marriage is listed in the SGGEE VKP datatase with a link to a digital
scan of the record from AGAD in Warsaw and a partial translation below, the
second line has the names of the parents.

Bohn Rudolf32 10-Feb 1898 Rozyszcze Rozyszcze Wildemann Emilie 21 AGAD
online 28 84
Friedrich Bohn & Regine Kamen ? Carl Wildemann & Wilhelmine Felberg Link

Dick Stein

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Greetings to the group,

I have found a church  marriage record for my grandfather which is written
in Russian (Rudolf Bohn married Emile Wildermann) and would greatly
appreciate it if someone could translate the details for me?
Grüße an die Gruppe,

Ich habe eine Kirchenheirat für meinen Großvater gefunden, der auf Russisch
geschrieben ist (Rudolf Bohn heiratete Emile Wildermann) und würde es sehr
schätzen, wenn jemand die Details für mich übersetzen
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