[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Where is Szczuberg?

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Thanks, everyone.  It looks like I am still out of luck with anything definite.  However, some further information...all the witnesses were also from Szczuberg so they don't help with the location.

What might be significant is that the birth of the next child in 1858 was in Syberia.  I am wondering if the Pastor heard Syberia but didn't record the death soon enough and ended up writing Szczuberg when he recorded the 1857 death.  I have noticed that the dates of deaths are not consecutive for this pastor and usually varies by a couple of weeks and sometimes a month or more.  The other thing about Syberia is that usually the parish for events was Sierpc so the Pastor would not have been as familiar with this place.

Unfortunately, this is just a theory and without any proof I am reluctant to change the death location.  The other children born in this family do not have baptisms recorded in the Michalki Parish so maybe I need to check the Sierpc records to see if I can find this family.

As an aside, anyone interested in doing extractions for SGGEE?  



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The spelling would appear to be a combination of German and Polish, which is odd, to say the least.

I looked at Geoportal


and there are are only a relatively few places that begin with the letters Szcz.

Of that number, the following are relatively close to Rypin, but my command of Polish is insufficient to guess which one is the correct 
one.   You will get a clue to which one by looking at the names of the 
villages where the witnesses lived.



Szczutowo (one north of Rypin, and one west of Rypin)

You can see where each village is located by opening the web page, then zooming into the Rypin area, searching for Szcz, and then hovering over 
the search results.   Ignore the blue and green results, as those are 
rivers and other natural features.


On 1/30/2017 12:04 PM, Earl Schultz wrote:
> I am extracting the records from the Michalki Evangelical Parish near Rypin, Poland.  In an 1857 death record the individual/child died in Szczuberg and was a resident there.  It must be close to Rypin but I've not been able to find the place.  It is very clearly written 3 times in the record so the spelling is accurate although sometimes the Pastors do misspell words.  I would need its current Polish name.  Anyone able to find this place for me?
> Thank you
> Earl
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