[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Samuel Seiffert/Seyffert

Manfred Hensel manfred.hensel at koeln.de
Wed Feb 8 03:49:49 PST 2017

Am 08.02.2017 um 11:10 schrieb Barry Krueger:
> At the distribution of his father’s estate in 1821 it is noted that
> Samuel had moved to “Russia” 14 years ago (about 1807).
Hello all,
I would like to point out that the expression "... moved to Russia" not 
necessarily should be read as that area you are all researching,
first of all Volhynia, South Russia and so on.
In this case the mentioned "Russia" could be even the area of Poland, as 
of 1815 (Congress of Vienna) more or less occupied and administrated by 
A very short search in geneteka.genealodzy.pl on "Seifert, Samuel" for 
example offers some birth records in 1814, 1817 till 1825 wherein Samuel 
Seifert / Seyfert
is noted as father.
And even the first two entries would fit with the noted age of Samuel 
and the location "Grabow", somewhere between Nekla and Lodz area.
But at all this alleged "facts" should be respected that the given name 
Samuel was very, very common at that time and later just as the family 
name "Seifert"
with all ist variants.


Manfred Hensel
51107 Köln

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