[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Zwar Marriage transcription

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Mon Feb 27 20:25:29 PST 2017

Tammy Jochman -

The marriage entry #217 lists the parents of the groom and bride:

groom: ZWAR, Johann August in [location Domitrowka Gross...] Kreis Lutzk, son of deceased Carl Zwar and his wife Juliane geb. Friske, from Marianka..Liedlec born
bride: Caroline FREYGANG in [location Domitrowka] Kreis Lutzk, daughter of deceased Ludwig Freygang and his wife formerly Wilhelmine born Friske, from Ruschlje .. Siedlec born.
bride evangelische lutherische confession

groom, single 20 years old
bride, single 24 years old

dates of banns: 23 June, 30 June, 7 July in the church of Roshisottche(sp?) of Rev. Kerm

Hope this helps.  I can't find how to enlarge the image, so best I can see.

in Wisconsin

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