[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Resettlement after WW2

Bob Krampetz bob.krampetz at gmail.com
Sun Jan 1 13:18:31 PST 2017

There is quite a bit on this in Wikipedia.org    Enter "Expulsion of
Germans after WWII"
and you'll get several choices..   Google will give you those and more.   I
learned more from these than ever mentioned in history classes.


In a message dated 01/01/17 12:27:57 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,
darel.e.paul at gmail.com writes:

In a previous thread on lost villages, the matter of German resettlement
after WW2 came up.

I had the impression from the comments that the resettlement process was
quite organized, and that Germans were expelled from particular villages in
Poland or Volhynia and resettled after the war in particular villages,
cities, or regions in Germany.

Is this true? If so, are there sources which list which Polish or Volhynian
villages resettled to which German areas? My German ancestors lived in the
agricultural districts north, south, and west of Konin, Poland.


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