[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Resettlement after WW2

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For those of you who want to read more about resettlement during WWII 
and during and after the flight from the Russians in 1945, you may want 
to look for the following resources:

*Book resources*:

Demshuk, Andrew. 2012. /The lost German East: forced migration and the 
politics of memory, 1945-1970/. New York: Cambridge University Press.

De Zayas, Alfred M. 2006. /A terrible revenge: the ethnic cleansing of 
the East European Germans/. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Note: 
Available in an earlier edition by another title: /The German expellees: 
victims in war and peace/. [original German version translated by John 
A. Koehler]. Uniform Title: Anmerkungen zur Vertreibung der Deutschen 
aus dem Osten. New York : St. Martin's Press, 1993.

Gatrell, Peter, and Nick Baron. 2009. /Warlands: population resettlement 
and state reconstruction in the Soviet-East European Borderlands, 1945-50/.

Genizi, Haim. 1993. /America's fair share: the admission and 
resettlement of displaced persons, 1945-1952/. Detroit : Wayne State 
University Press, 1993.

Kossert, Andreas. 2008. /Kalte Heimat: die Geschichte der deutschen 
Vertriebenen nach 1945/. München: Siedler.

Krieg, Hans. 1940. /Baltenbriefe zur Rückkehr ins Reich/. Berlin, 
Leipzig: Nibelungen Verlag.

Lange, Friedrich. 1940. /Ostland kehrt heim/. Berlin: Nibelungen-verlag.

Lower, Wendy. 2005. /Nazi empire-building and the Holocaust in Ukraine/. 
Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press.

Lumans, Valdis O. 1993. /Himmler's auxiliaries the Volksdeutsche 
Mittelstelle and the German national minorities of Europe, 1933-1945/. 
Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press.

Maeder, Pascal. 2011. /Forging a new Heimat: expellees in post-war West 
Germany and Canada/. Göttingen : V & R. Unipress

Poland. /Black book of Poland/ . 1942. London: Published for the Polish 
Ministry of Information by Hutchinson.Alternate titles: "The black 
record of German barbarism from the close of the war in Poland, which 
ended October 6, 1939, until the end of June, 1941."--p. [v] Hutchinson 
edition has title: The German new order in Poland.

Schmalz, Ronald E. online thesis: /F//ormer enemies come to Canada : 
Ottawa and the postwar German immigration boom, 1951-1957 

Schoenberg, Hans W. 1971. /Germans from the East; a study of their 
migration, resettlement and subsequent group history since 1945/. The 
Hague: Nijhoff.

Sommer, Hellmut. 1940. /135000 gewannen das Vaterland: die Heimkehr der 
Deutschen aus Wolhynien, Galizien und dem Narewgebiet/. Berlin: 

Wyman, Mark. 1988. /DP: Europe's displaced persons, 1945-1951/. 
Philadelphia: Balch Institute Press


Ahnenforschung Böttcher: Flucht und Vertreibung (Genealogy of the family 
Böttcher: Flight and Displacement) [in German, good photos: 

American Merchant Marine at War, www.usmm.org 

US immigration for DPs including troopship transports

Beaverbrae history: Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21: 

1948-1954 The MV Beaverbrae Ship


_Macintosh HD:Users:Helen:Documents:GENEALOGY:SGGEE:Heimat handout 
(Sigrid Pohl Perry).docx___

Canadian Lutheran World Relief fonds22 reels of digitized material 
including immigration documents



/Der Spiegel/special issues (pdf) and photos on “Flucht” and refugees:




Library and Archives Canada:

North American Baptist Immigration and Colonization Society fonds 
finding aid

This lists alphabetized files of the immigrants: 


Lutheran World Federation Service to Refugees scrapbook 3: 

Lutheran World Federation Service to Refugees, 1947-1949, Photographic 
Section scrapbook.

ELCA Archives

Umsiedlung der Wolhyniendeutschen 1939 / 1940: (Resettlement of the 
Volhynian Germans 1939/1940) 
http://www.myvolyn.de/wolhynien-spezial/umsiedlung-1939.html[text in 
German, good photos]

UNRRA Germany photos: 

More here: 

Wentorf (Displaced Persons camp): http://www.dpcamps.org/Wendorf_01.jpg

Photos provided by Bogdan Karasek, bkarasek at videotron.ca 
<mailto:bkarasek at videotron.ca>

Other camps in the list at website: www.dpcamps.org 
<http://www.dpcamps.org/>or http://www.dpcamps.org/migration.html


*Immigration or Alien files request (dependent on when immigration & 
naturalization occurred)*

Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Request (USCIS: US Citizenship & 
Immigration Services, Dept. of Homeland Security): 

Request website: 


Those of you whose families immigrated to the US after WWII, you may 
find information about their locations during and after the war in their 
alien files. I have my parents naturalization papers along with my own*, 
*so it was easy to fill out the request forms with the proper numbers 
and other information. When processing was complete and I received a cd, 
I found out where my father was a POW in Belgium, where we were held in 
a DP camp before emigration, etc. My parents talked very little about 
their families' resettlement from the Lublin area villages in 1940, the 
men's service in the German army, or their flight from the Russian 
soldiers in 1945, so the additional information in these files was worth 
the wait for Homeland Security to process the request. I also read all 
these books and prepared the material for a presentation on this topic 
at the 2015 SGGEE Convention.

May you all have success with searching for ancestors in 2017 and find 
many cousins!

Sigrid Pohl Perry
Pohl, Domres, Hapke, Scheffler, Mantei, Kuehn, Wolski, Albrecht, 
Schmidtke et al


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