[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Christian Spitzer and Anna Christina Grams

Petra Serwaty petra at serwaty.de
Mon Jan 2 05:29:52 PST 2017

Hello together and a happy new year to all,

on szukajwarchiwach by Wladyslawo, Turek I've found the marriage-entry 
from Christian Spitzer, 64 years old, widower and Anna Christiana, 45 
years old and widow from Michael Grams.
Look here 
picture 69, No. 626.
My questions:
Can someone read the place from where Christian Spitzer was?
Know someone more about this family, where Christian died, who was his 
first wife, who were his parents?

I hope, he comes from Rudzk Wielki, in the north of Sompolno ;) .

Best regards


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