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The expulsions from Volhynia were under German direction. The explosions from Poland and East Prussia were led by the Allies. 
You might be interested in reading Orderly and Human: The Explusion of the Germans after the Second World War by RM Douglas (Yale University Press, 2012) 
Or, A Terrible Revenge: The Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans by Alfred de Zaya (first published by St. Martin's Press, 1994, revised, 2006) There's several more books. 

Both tell horrible stories that validate my mom and her family's anecdotes. My mom (born 1919) was taken prisoner to the Urals until 1947. Her younger sisters weren't so lucky and barely survived the Soviet revenge through rape and hunger in the former East Prussia between 1945 and 1949. They finally came to Canada in 1953. Many people don't know or want to know about those displaced people. 

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If some readers would only know some of the details of deportation and resettlement's ! 

There are two basis dates in recent memories when it comes to the resettlement's of Germans from Eastern Europe 

The resettlement's of German's from Poland and Volhynien before 1945 which was undertaken by the German government. ( There was a reason for this resettlement = please see Google ) These Germans were resettled from Polish territory and the resettlement of German people was done in a orderly fashion and the people had reasonably good transportation from Poland to Germany, enough food, medical attention = German Red Cross, , clothing, in short everything required and needed for a half decent daily living . The re-settlers also were supplied with accommodation in Germany , maybe not a villa ,or a manor but with a roof over their head and a bed to sleep in. 

Now came the spring of 1945: A total collapse of Germany what ever was left of Germany at that time and at the mercy of the winning allied powers, consisting of the 4 main powers. The USA, England ,France and Russia. The people living in Germany occupied by the so called 3 western Allied forces , = England, France and the USA were glad that the war was over and they ended up being taken over by the 3 Western Powers.Germany was divided into 4 occupied zones = see Google for details . 

The German people being taken over by the Russian's encountered nothing but reprisals , being shot at random just because they were German, no women between the age of 10 and 70 was safe of being raped , no food or clean drinking water and people starivng to death, no milk for any babies if they survived the constant Russian infantry and bombing attack. Many German people at the end of WW 2 were still in Poland, Volhynien and elsewhere in Eastern Europe and all of them were trying to make it back to Germany. by walking at night to avoid capture, hitching a ride and by any other means available 
We tried to get away in a horse drawn covered wagon, like the old pioneers across the western USA . Bt we were not bombed or strafed by Russian MIG fighters 

It is very hard to comprehend in this day and age feeding millions of German people right after the war without having ant food being produced . The little bit of food which was left at the end of WW II in Germany was taken away away by the Russian army to feet their own soldiers. 

Under these circumstances there was no orderly resettlement from Eastern Europe back to Germany. It was sheer panic to get away from the advancing Russian army and at least try to make it back across the Oder - Neisse Rivers . These two rivers were used as a border ( more on Google ) 

How do I know all this ? Not from Google . I been there, I seen it, I was hungry many many time stole food to survive, I smelled death, I saw countless death troops from different armies , and I ........................the list goes on and on 
I have some books with eye witness accounts of what the advancing Russian soldiers did,....................all side in a mercy less war do things nobody want;s to talk about later. Do you really want to know what happen during some of these so called resettlement's after 1945 There are still enough survivors of the WW II time who can tell you all about it . But please hurry, we old folks are slowly starting to go home 
Happy New Yera and please thank the Lord every day that we live in Canada 
Peter von Lipinsky 

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