[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Christian Spitzer and Anna Christina Grams

Petra Serwaty petra at serwaty.de
Tue Jan 3 05:32:07 PST 2017

Hello at all,
thank you so much for your help.
Now I'm reading Klein Laterutz, too ;) . I'll looking if I find more 
about this place and entries from there.

Sigrid: I've found this by SGGEE, too. But I hope, someone have read 
something about this persons somewhere.
Ladorudzek - Borecznia - Babiak - Rudzk Wielki = 70 km = 44 miles - not 
so far away.

By gedbas I found a lot of Spitzer which were born between 1799-1815 in 
Lubunke, Borecznia (near Babiak) and directly in Babiak - they could be 
the same family. Now I must find out more about this persons and if they 
were related at my Spitzer-family or if this were another family.
But Babiak wasn't online before 1866, I'll try to get the film by the 

Since now I've not found entries from Rudzk Wielki before 1840 in 
Wladyslawo but in the catholic churchbooks from Polajewo :) . I've found 
there as an example a death entry from 1839 (page 24, No. 9) and many 
more between1829-1839 from Rudzk Wielki, Laczki, Polajewo and Przewocz 
Look here


The birth entry from november 1795 I've got from the Diözesenarchiv in 

Sorry, I don't know what you mean with this "Email Databases at sggee.org 
for a Family Group Sheet to determine if anyof these Spitzers are 
possibly linked to Christian Spitzer."
I didn't kno this way.

Best regards


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