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Frank,If you are concerned with what is present regarding your relatives, since they lived in the Lublin-Chelm area we have already incorporated most of that into the MPD. That was a big project several volunteers did a number of years ago and we already did the town(s) where your Schulzes lived. If you don't find what you are looking for there you likely won't find it in EWZ. This was using records taken from EWZ58 which are available by ordering the microfilms from your FHL. There is a chance something was missing in EWZ58 but might be found in EWZ52 (full applications) but those are only found at the National Archives.
I have heard the EWZ records in Berlin can be difficult to research. Apparently they will only allow you to look at records related to your relatives and not just anything. The National Archives allows you to freely look at all records.Karl 

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 The copies held by the United States government are stored in one location, College Park, Maryland (not far from Washington, D.C.).  To access these files, you need to go there or hire a genealogist/researcher to do it for you.  Then you can get copies of the files.  

I believe there are copies in Germany also, but don't know how to access there.

EWZ-50 files are most often referred to.  But there can also be EWZ-56, 57, and 58 (the 58 is a Stammblätter, family tree?).  50 is the big one.  There probably will be duplicate information for members of the same family group, each with his own application, official forms, identity cards, etc. The Odessa3 index to EWZ files shows the names of the parents and grandparents of actual applicants, so not all the names you see in the index are people who were still alive at the time.  

Dana Parker

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> Hello,
> Does anybody know whether the individual EWZ files at the National Archives are available online?
> Thanks,
> Frank 
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