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Manfred Hensel manfred.hensel at koeln.de
Fri Jan 13 04:20:27 PST 2017

Am 12.01.2017 um 20:54 schrieb Irene König:
> According to the death record Gottlieb ARNHOLD was born in abt. 1812 
> in Brzeziny, a town about 20 km east of Lodz with a highly developed 
> clothing industry.  Gottlieb himself was a cloth-maker. His wife 
> Wilhelmine WALDON was born in abt. 1816 in "Prussia".
> Gottlieb ARNHOLD died 1890 in Omelno and was burried by Johann BANSEN, 
> a brother of his son-in-law Ferdinand BANSEN.
> http://agadd.home.net.pl/metrykalia/439/sygn.%2060/pages/PL_1_439_60_0008.htm 
> Wilhelmine WALDON died 1891 in ? and was burried by her son-in-law 
> August ERGANG.
> http://agadd.home.net.pl/metrykalia/439/sygn.%2060/pages/PL_1_439_60_0169.htm 

I would think about the last name of Wilhelmine ARNHOLD, her maiden name 
should be read as WALDAN,
in both mentioned records I see an "a" instead of the "o".

A little bit surprising the fact, that the record about the death of 
Gottlieb ARNHOLD on 21th / 23rd of February 1890 says that his wife 
Wilhelmine is dead
("... husband of the deceased Wilhelmine born Waldan")
while the record about the death of Wilhelmine ARNHOLD the next year on 
3rd / 5th of April 1891 says "widowed"

I assume this is because all the records were written later and not in time.


Manfred Hensel
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