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               The Volhynian data from which you quote the entry for August
Bloch, which was recently added to the SGGEE website, are not pedigree files
but rather transcriptions of an index compiled by hand in the 50's or 60' by
an unknown clerk in the State Archive in Zhytomyr.   These indices always
point to an entry in the original parish records, which are not on-line.
Therefore one must proceed with some caution.   These are copies of copies
of copies but infinitely better than nothing at all.


The original record can (perhaps) be obtained from the State Archive in
Zhytomyr.  It might contain additional information but most likely would




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Interesting Richard.   This death record says married.

I'm grasping at straws with this line. The age of this August Bloch is right
to be my great grandfather.

However this  August Bloch's  line is a recent addition to the Pedigree
files and after looking at those I don't think this is the 

right person.

 I'm looking for an August Bloch born about 1840 who had a brother Gustav B.
abt 1851

Gustav was married to Henriette Falkenberg. There is only an index marriage
record for Gustav.

There is an 1885  index marriage record for August Bloch to Emilie Stebner
Matschulat.  Emilie was  younger.

My family believes that this was August's 3rd marriage.

  Emilie had children born between 1883-1896.




On 1/14/2017 1:11 PM, Richard J Flanagan wrote:

  Your question intrigued me enough to have a look in the original
database file.  Here is what I found.   There are 26,398 entries in the
Volhynian death index.   There are 10 different types of descriptor in the
file for "Marital Status".
  1) Gymnasium Pupil (i.e. high school student) 1
  2) Madam (?)                                  1
  3) Maiden                                     579
  4) Married                                    5,721
  5) Single                                     500
  6) Soldier                                    13
  7) Unmarried                                  133
  8) Widow                                      1,029
  9) Widower                                    379
  10) Blank                                     18,102
  As you can see 69% of the entries under marital status are blank.  I
wonder if this is because nearly all of the residents of Volhynia 45 years
of age or older were newcomers who had arrived after the Polish Rebellion of
1863.  We know that  August Bloch came from Poland - he was born in
Przedecz.  If he had been a widower while in Poland, it is likely that he
was now living amongst people who might not have met his wife or have known
her name.  
  As for the words used to describe marital status in the index, it
should be pointed out that they were recorded in Russian at the time from a
German speaking source and recently retranslated back into German and then
re-re-translated into English last year.  Considering their complicated
linguistic journey they are surprisingly informative. 
  Richard Flanagan
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Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Death entry in new 1900-1912 records.
If a death record indicates the person was married, but there is no name of
the spouse, does that mean the record didn't have the name of the spouse or
was it just not added to the entry?
The record I'm wondering about is the death  an August Bloch who died in
March 26, 1912.
Linda Bowen
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