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Thank you Peter. I appreciate your input and I hope you don't mind that I
am copying the whole mailing list. Perhaps your information will spark some
other input.
 I only have Janke( my maternal ancestors) information up to the birth of
my maternal great grandmother Susanne Janke on Oct 26, 1857 in Kempa (Kepa)
Falenicka. Her parents were Johann Alexander Janke and Susanne Janke (born
Poelke)- I have no birth/death dates or locations for them.  Kempa
Falenicka is on the Vistula, just 15 miles or so south of Warsaw. Not much
there now, I tried finding it a couple of years ago.  It looks like Susanne
Jahnke just passed on her father's name to her son Johann Alexander born in
1876 and apparently born without a named father. That's why I am looking
for the official birth record.

It looks like there were lots of Jahnke or Janke families in Poland. Holendry,
Byton is, I assume, now Holendry Bytońskie,  west of Plock.  I believe
Holendry is a reference to the dutch "Holland" and perhaps it was
originally settled by Dutch settlers in the late 1700's. I believe Janke
means "little Jan" in Dutch. And, I also read that "Yankee" may be derived
from the same "Janke"  also appearing in New Amsterdam ( now New York).
Sig Tullmann

On Sun, Jan 15, 2017 at 12:17 AM, Peter Mahler Genealogy <
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> Hi Sig,
> I'm afraid that I can't help with any of your questions, but I did
> feel compelled to write to you because I have some Jahnke's in my own
> tree:
> Anna Dorata Jahnke born circa 1804 in Holendry, Byton. She is the
> daughter of Michael Jahnke and his wife Marya.
> Anna Dorata Jahnke and her husband, Johann Hein, had a number of
> children, I believe all of themm were born in Nowe Boryszewo, Plock
> and I must assume that is where she died.
> Perhaps you'll find that information useful in some way, and if you
> can ever link it to your own Jahnke's, please let me know.
> Warmest wishes,
> Peter
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> On Sat, Jan 14, 2017 at 11:46 PM, Sig Tullmann <sigtullmann at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Has any one found access to the 19th century  Lutheran records (
> > Evangelisch- Augsburg) of  Stara Iwiczna (Alt Ilvisheim). I am looking
> for
> > the birth record of Johann Alexander Jahnke, born February 18, 1876 in
> > Kempa Falenicka ( in the Stara Iwiczna parish ). Mother was Susanne
> Jahnke.
> >    Would those records now be in Warsaw? Are they accessible online ? If
> > not, might there likely be a microfilm of the record in the Family
> History
> > Library in Salt Lake? Appreciate any guidance.
> >
> > Sig Tullmann
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