[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Germanic Genealogy Convention and SGGEE membership

Edie Adam edieadam at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 13:20:40 PST 2017

Hello Teresa, regarding the convention in July, SGGEE decided to
participate in order to give our members the opportunity to connect with
others also doing German genealogy. The program itself is now available as
part of a registration brochure found here:

You can choose from dozens of programs that include regional & specialized
topics, technology and building your skills as a family researcher. The
speakers come from all over the world and among them are some of the most
interesting, experienced and talented specialists in German genealogy
research. Including one of our own members! Plus SGGEE will have its own
research room and annual general meeting, so you can meet up with others
from our “tribe.”

Personally, I attended a similar national conference last summer and went
to just about every German-related presentation on the schedule. Like you,
I’m stuck in Russia yet with my family. But I learned something in every
class I attended, if only to make a note for the time when I can track back
to the source village in Germany.

We know also that members of SGGEE have German interest other than Poland
and Volhynia, and this conference will allow them to make connections for
those ancestors. Even our Polish-Volhynia Germans had relatives who stayed
behind or emigrated to other areas!

As this is the first of its kind convention, we can’t speak from experience
and give you any guarantees. And it is an expense. But if you are at all
interested, register as early as possible because the interest is exceeding
the expectations and the conference could sell out.

In 2018 SGGEE will hold its 20th anniversary convention.

Edie Adam

On behalf of SGGEE

On Tue, Jan 24, 2017 at 1:42 PM, Teresa Loeffler <snowleopard84 at hotmail.com>

> Two questions:
> I accidently let my SGGEE membership lapse this fall...thought I paid it
> but since I can't find a payment record, I clearly didn't. [��]   So, has
> this happened to anyone else?  When you rejoined did you do it as a new
> membership or a renewal?  I emailed the question to the website a couple
> weeks ago, but haven't heard back.  I'm not surprised, they had a notice
> that they were snowed under with renewals for people wanting to go to the
> convention.
> Which leads to my second question:  What does everyone think about the
> 'usefulness' of this convention?  I was all set to go, but after looking
> through the program book, I'm wondering how helpful it would really be for
> my research.  For example the beginner classes for researching parish or
> civil records sound like just what I need.  But, then I start
> thinking...these classes say German records...so far, my people are in
> Russian territory, will the learning translate well?  Will there be too
> much difference in the recordkeeping?  Guess I'm afraid of investing the
> registration and hotel fees and finding out after I get there that while
> it's interesting, it doesn't actually impart any helpful information for
> me.  Thoughts?  Opinions?
> Thanks,
> Teresa
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