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Paul is correct. Verschleppt is certainly not conscripted. It literally means they  were taken away, mainly to Siberia, and in most cases never heard from again.
Think of when we use the word "shlep" like "I shlepped this thing to over there." Now you know where the origin of that word came from - it was derived from German. The prefix ver carries the connotation that something is being dragged away.


    On Sunday, January 29, 2017 2:13 PM, Paul Rakow <paul.rakow at cantab.net> wrote:


    To me, "verschleppt" would more likely mean arrested or deported,
 rather than conscripted into the army. Taken away, and didn't come back.

            Paul Rakow

On Sun, January 29, 2017 19:06, Dana Parker wrote:
> 7.  What exactly does "verschleppt" mean in English?  This is what my
> grandmother's cousin said about her missing children:  drei kinder
> verschleppt.  Is that how you normally describe someone who has been
> conscripted, or does it mean something worse?  This was in her EWZ
> application.
> Thank you.
> Dana Parker

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