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AGAD has death indexes up to 1939 for Rozyszcze, Wladimir-Wolynsk, and Lutzk
parishes which are all in the western (Polish) part of Volhynia - see the
inventory at http://www.agad.gov.pl/inwentarze/KsEA439x.xml   If your
ancestor lived in one of these parishes, you can request a search for his
name by e-mail  http://agad.gov.pl/?page_id=896  Gives as much details about
him as you have.  As these records are less than 100 years old, AGAD does
not make digital scans available online.

You are probably aware that Germans living in Volhynia were deported
eastward mostly to Siberia in 1915.  Many people did not survive, but some
of those who did started to return to Volhynia in 1918.  My great
grandfather's family was deported to the Omsk area but he did not survive
the ordeal.

Dick Stein

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I'm having difficulty finding death records for ww1 and after in Volhynia.
My 3rd great grandfather I believe died in Volhynia sometime after 1912. He
may have lived in to the 20s or 30s. The last record I have of him placed
him living in Volhynia in 1912. Are there any databases or archives
available for the area? I can't find anything for him in sggee up to 1918
so I guess he lived past ww1. Thanks!
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