[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Lutheran parish near Leczyca

Kate Wertmiller kwertmil at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 01:20:42 PDT 2017


I'm looking for my ancestors' metrical records. Have been doing this for
many years, but still no results.

The family names are Wertmiller (Wertmueller, Werthmueller), Lapp and
Senges (Saenges).

>From family history we know they originated from near Lodz (Lenschuetz),
colony Neu-Schwedelbach (Neu-Schwedelbach now is Mikolajew). In EWZ
documents I have found also location Leczyca for some of them.
Later they all moved to Nowograd Wolynsk, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine, but we
cannot establishe when exactly. We think it was before 1890th, because in
EWZ one daughter of Adam Wertmueller and Maria Senges was born in 1891 in
Ostrog, Rivne region, Ukraine. Since then they didn't move anywhere and all
lived in Nowograd Wolynsk and surroundings. We know almost for sure they
were Lutherans.

My question is - where should I search for their births&marriages? I used
to look up in http://geneteka.genealodzy.pl for Lodz, but there are data
only till 1838, not later, and my ancestors were born in 1840-1850 and
later (1880).
Locations showed after filtering on the site are Topola Krolewska, Blonie,
Sobotka, Leczyca, so I cannot find any info as for this Neu-Schwedelbach,
now Mikolajewo. To what Lutheran parish could it belonged? Or it could be a
Roman-Catholic one (however, many years ago I received answer from Lodz
archive that there are no such surnames in Roman-Catholic records)?

Thank you for the help in advance.

Kate Wertmiller
Kyiv, Ukraine

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