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Mr. Stockhausen 's thoughts make really good sense to me.  As someone who is desperately seeking information of my ancestors in that area, I get so confused as to where I am actually researching.Regardless, I love this Genealogy Group.

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Hallo Frank,

I don't know why German authorities do such things. Is it "political 
I have heard of similar cases (e.g. born in "Szczecin" in 1928), but the 
passport holders strongly contradicted.
Would we say that Immanuel Kant was born in Kaliningrad, Russia?
( /

From my point of view, the offical name at the time of the event is the one 
that should be mentioned (and the current name in brackets).
If the name changed back and forth several times, like in this case 
Posen/Poznan, and you need to decide for one major version in your list, I 
would take the German name, considering that
- this is most likely the name our ancestors used (we are dealing with 
"German genealogy")
- our reasearch is mostly concentrated on events in the Prussian/German era 
(1772-1918), so "Posen" is what we can expect to read in the church and 
civil records

Kind regards

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Please be informed that I upgraded the six gazetteers of villages in
East-Europe .

There were many changes in Volhynia because I started to include a Russian
gazetteer of 1906 and because Ukraine started to reverse village names.
There are now 1553 Colonies (Kol.) in the Volhynian gazetteer.

Other point: I would like to start discussing the naming of villages in
former German Empire (1775 until 1918) like my birthplace Posen. It is named
now in the guideline Posen (Poznan), ... ; todays name in bracket.

Recently I was shown a new passport of a German born 1940 in Poznan (with
that thing on the n), issued in Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany. That
made me think about changing the guideline to "Village today (former
village),. ". Thus in my case Poznan (Posen), .;  for Posen is now nearly
100 years in Poland.

Would do you think?

Greetings from Hamburg

Frank (Stewner)

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