[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Determining parents

Manfred Hensel manfred.hensel at koeln.de
Mon Mar 13 23:40:34 PDT 2017

in all records on this page and I am sure on all preceding and following 
pages too there is no any hint on the mother.
Everywhere the same scheme:
Karl SCHMITKE, farmer, son of deceased farmer Michael Schmitke, place of 
birth "Alt Japust", denomination "evangelisch lutherisch"
Emilie WOLLERMANN, daughter of the teacher in Ki?cintowka Gottlieb 
Wollermann, parents are living, place of birth Nebaufka,
denomination "evanglisch-luther."


Am 11.03.2017 um 18:01 schrieb Eric Arnold:
> Can anyone see a mother listed for Karl Schmidtke? Initials or anything
> that can be read or is it just not listed? I'm trying to figure out who his
> mother is. Thanks for any help.
> http://agadd.home.net.pl/metrykalia/439/sygn.%2039/pages/PL_1_439_39_0002.htm
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Manfred Hensel
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