[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Szustakow - SHOSTAKIV?

Helen Gillespie gilleh23 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 14:26:17 PDT 2017

There is a *SHOSTAKIV* due south of KLEVAN and 29 km west of RIVNE (Rowno)
in the Ukraine.  I used the mapcarta.de  website rather than mapcarta.com.
Unfortunately, even though the village of SHOSTAKIV (if this is the correct
place) shows up on the map - when enlarged a bit, it does not come up in
any Google search.   Searching for this name brought up bus companies, so
one can buy a ticket from Rowno to Lublin with a stop at Shostakiv.  Might
be just a crossroads......

Maps also come up when using Google.de   rather than Google.com.
The coordinates are 50° 39′ 25″ N 25° 59′ 38″ E


Hope this is the right one.


Subject:        Szustakow
Date:   Sun, 12 Mar 2017 11:28:11 +1100
From:   Peter <pjandv at optusnet.com.au>
To:     d_y_g at shaw.ca

Greetings from Victoria Australia!
My name is Peter Baddeley and my wife’s maiden name was SZEWCZUK.
Her parents came to Australia in 1949 as displaced persons.  Her father
Alexsy was born in SZUSTAKOW  IN 1914 and they lived in LUTSK  in the
1930s.  His mother was born in KLEVAN IN 1895.
I am currently writing the family history and  I cannot find any reference
in gazetteers, atlases or the web to Szustakow.  (even using spelling
variations) My surmise is that it was a very small village somewhere around
Klevan and that it no longer exists.
Do you have any idea where it was?

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