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Rose, I love your reference to it as the "index to nothing"-I totally agree!
I ran the film back and forth a number of times, hoping I would get lucky
and find what I wanted.  Maybe someday that will happen with this particular
area and time.  It did verify some data I already had.  I had hoped to get
verification via an actual birth record with all its information.  Thanks so
much for your reply! Now to continue the hunt.



Do you keep notes about each film you look at?  That's a great idea. 


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I see you are referring to the birth indexes of Babiak parish covering 1804
- 1828.  Johann Tonn is shown in year 1811.


I have always called this 'An index to nothing'.   Further into the film
there are other indexes from 1811 forward.   


About 12 years ago I made some detailed notes indicating what was in each
0-101 to 0-110 section on Film 0810111.


""0-103 - Births and Marriages for 1804 to 1828, book #3 - Index to Nothing.
Birth list does show villages beside the names - probably birth place.
Marriage Index gives year and village.


0-104 - Births 1811/1812, book #4.  contains only a few detailed birth
entries from Nov. 1811 to May 1812.  Written in Polish.""


Where the original records are is a big mystery. 


In the 1811-1812 section there are only 18 names listed under births.  There
should be about 200 names in the years 1811-1812. 


In the 1812-1813 section there are more names and detailed entries, but
still many missing.  


I am sure I found my Mueller sisters birth years and places which fits the
information on their marriage and death records.


SO,  basically something is better than nothing.  



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I'm researching Johan Tonn, thought to be born about 1810 in Bycz.  LDS film
810811 (volume 3/O-103 for 1811) shows his name as Jan Tonn (one N with a
mark above it), born in Bycz.  The next columns show a 4 and an 89 but no
record is shown matching either one.  Are the actual birth records missing?
It seems like this film only shows the indexes, and about 12-15 actual
records before going to the next index.  If anyone can direct me further, I
would appreciate it!



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