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I have a death entry of a Michael Schultz from 1810 from the parish in Wiskitki that mentions the birth place of the deceased as “…w starych Prussach…” (a misspelling of “w starych Prusach”). The literal translation would be “…in old Prussia…”.

My general question is: what is “old Prussia” ?

I have dozens of maps of the Polish and surrounding lands from 1100 to today. Prussia was a duchy, then an expending kingdom and then disappeared from the maps after 1945. The “heartlands” of Prussia where what was called West and East Prussia.
In the same register where I found the above mentioned death entry, I also found entries that mention “…w Brandenburgii..” (translation: from Brandenburg) as the place of birth. Brandenburg was a province.
To confuse things further, there is actually a small village called “Stare Prusy” that is located south-east of Starograd in what used to be : West Prussia.
Now, if Michael Schultz would indeed have been born in the village of Stare Prusy, then correct way of writing this down would have been “…w Starych Prusach…”. Confused yet? :-)

Stare Prusy in German means “Altpreussenfier”.

Does anybody have ancestors that were born in “old Prussia”? Or more precisely,  does anybody have ancestors that settled around 1810 in the Wiskitki area (Babskie Budy) who were born in “old Prussia”?

I would appreciate ANY thoughts people might have.

Thank you and Happy Sunday,

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