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even if this is not the person you are looking for, chances are quite high 
that this is the correct Feliksów.


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Thanks for looking. I found the same results, which I am unable to match to
my family at this time. In the link you sent below, this Wilhelm Welke died
in 1827. I am looking for Wilhelm Welke born about 1835 in Feliksow.  Maybe
this would be his grandfather, but I would need to find information on
William parents. All I know is that his parents are named as Michael Welke
and Anna Gross. I've also searched for them with no success.

The Marriage for Adolph Janer and Lidia Welke was not in the marriage index,
or at least I couldn't find it. I do have several Lidia Welkes in this
family, but only one with a father of Wilhelm and she was married to
Schoenknecht in 1892 and died in 1935, still married to him at the time. I
would need more information than I have to make any of these connections to
my family.


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look here:


Kind regards

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Several years ago, I wrote to the Radom State Archives in Radom. (Radom,
Radom, Mazowieckie, Poland). I requested the birth document of Lidia
Julianne Welke and any other Welke documents. I received just over 70

The "top" document in this group is a marriage document of Wilhelm Welke and
Rosine Fechner, both born abt. 1835 and both in Feliksow. Their first four
children were born in Feliksow. They moved to Karolin, Zwolen, Mazowieckie,
around 1865-66 where they had five more children.  Rosine died and Wilhelm
married again to Justine Bluemke, b. abt. 1853 in Sabinow.

My question has been, which Feliksow. My guess is the most likely Feliksow
is the one near Sabinow, where several families may have moved from.

Feliksow, Tomaszow, Lodzkie, Poland

Sabinow, Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Lodzkie, Poland

The other thought:

Feliksow, Opoczno, Lodzkie, Poland

I need help in indenting which parishes to look in and/or are any of these
online? Finding a marriage or a birth would clear up the questions.

BTW, I have been to Karolin and Radom. I knew of this Welke line, first from
EWZ documents, then Lublin documents which lead me to the Karolin that was
given in the EWZ documents. (EWZ said Karolin, Kr. Chelm.)

Joyce Welke Guasch

Springfield, Oregon USA

Researching Welke, Gurke, Ratz, Ladzik, Lange, Beniamin/Bein, Ebelt, Daase

And others of East Poland

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