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The following message was posted on the Posen Mailing list today.
This may be helpful to some who have research interest in this area.

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Posen Listers, (and eastern European researchers),    I wonder how many
of you are aware of the new databases made available on-line on
Ancestry.com, on the World Explorer part of its resources.  Two key ones
are ?Germany, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1567-1945?  and
the other ?Germany, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials,
    Posen researchers will be happy to have most, if not all, church
records from the LDS film library on-line available from such ?Kreisen?
or counties as Wirsitz and Bromberg (I know I am happy about it).  Even
better, they are all indexed, at least to a good extent.  If you can
figure out the correct spelling seen by indexers, you won?t have to go
through page by page to find many great things on your families of
     There still are some ?growing pains? yet with these databases,
especially when one tries to browse in particular church records.  Many
of them are not labelled clearly or by the usual German names for the
towns (often the Polish names).  Further, Posen records are not always
under Posen but under categories such as ?Not Stated? where the people
producing the databases did not know which German state or province a
particular set of records originated.  I have figured out where all the
Wirsitz and most of the Bromberg county records are categorized, if any
are interested.
     Here are some key ones for me (1945 and 1921 refer to the databases
mentioned above)?
1)  On the ?1945? database, under ?Deutschland,? under ?Not stated? are?
       Grabau (?Grabowno u Wyrzysks?),  Lobsens (?Lobzenica u Wyrzysk?),
Bromberg (?Bydgoszcz?), Krone (?Bydgoszcz u Koronowo?), Nakel (?Sadki u
Wyrzysk?), Wissek (?Wyrzysk u Wysoka?)
2)  On the ?1945? database, under ?Polen,? under Posen, are?
        Mrotschen (?Kr, Mrotschen u Wirsitz?),  Wirsitz,  and
Weissenh?he (?Enh, He u Wei?) 
3)  On the ?1921? database, under ?Not Stated? are--  
        Friedheim (?Brzostowo u Wyrzysk?), more Krone (?Bydgoszcz  u

     There are also Posen records scattered in some of the older
databases released by Ancestry.com in the last year or more too, but
they don?t seem to be labelled as such.  For example, I found Mrotschen
funeral records, 1849-1887, mixed in with the database of ?Hesse,
Germany, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, Burials 1661-1957?.  No images
are available on that database, but much of the information is nicely

     These databases are probably even more helpful for those with
ancestors in West and East Prussia and Pommern since many more church
records are now on-line for them.  I can give their names if you want
particular ones.  Alternatively, just use the search mechanism to locate
particular records already indexed.  It can lead you then to the proper
church records to do further searching for even more.  
     This should be good news for those able to access such records so
conveniently.  Hopefully in the future there will come the day when
those records will be free and on-line for all to use.  
                       Ken Neumann

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