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Sun May 21 14:51:46 PDT 2017

Hello Group:

An 1871 birth record of my grandmother Amalie Gerschtoff Koch says that her father was Martin Koch. What I believe to be a marriage record between Amalie Gerschtoff (the mother of Amalie Gerschtoff Koch) and Peter Lokstein dated 1878 says that her first husband was Michael Koch ??. Additionally a death record also dated 1878 that seems to be attached to the marriage record says that Martin Koch passed away in 1855?. The chronology of these events seems confusing. Can someone explain the need for these documents as the marriage record seems to be a marriage record plus a birth certification of Lokstein and the death record of Martin Koch seems to be out of place 1855?.

I believe the birth record information was translated correctly but need some help in clarifying the marriage and death records and mention of Michael Koch. I cannot read Russian and would appreciate some help with this. I have attached the link from the Lublin archives.

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