[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Help in recording a rural burial site.

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Hi Virginia, thanks for responding.  

I am aware of the SGS here in Regina and am a member.   Yes it is listed in
the SGS Cemetery index but here is the problem.  This area is a corner of a
farmer's field.  There are no cemetery markings to designate this is a
burial site and has had no official designation.  Also I believe the land
description given here is incorrect BUT my job here is to have it verified.
I have been to the site and feel strongly that this is not the exact
location that is given in the SGS index.  This site has been driven over by
equipment and will be destroyed if it is not marked.

 At the time that the first person is buried here (1902) there were no
Churches in the area. The first Church was built in 1906 and was about 8
miles away.  This Church has since been closed and I am searching to find
their records right now.  Also Saskatchewan was not a province yet so to
find a record of this site might be difficult. In Saskatchewan, Vital
Statistics charge $50 for one piece of paper so this is my last resort.
There is no guarantee that they would have given an exact location.  It
probably will say Ibsen which is not good enough.  However, I will try this
if all else fails.

In putting this on this site I am hoping that others whose family may have
live around here or remember their relatives mentioning this site or better
still have a distant relative that has been buried here will get in touch
with me.   The area is in the CPR easement where Ibsen used to be.  This is
about 4 km west of Yellow Grass in Southern Saskatchewan.  The names of the
three people buried here are - Domres, Teske, Doering.

I am waiting for an archeologist to come out with me to give an opinion.


Joan (Teske) Meyer

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Manitoba has a Historical Society. Does Saskatchewan have a Historical
Society? Contact them to see if they can help you.

Or contact the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society in Regina. One of these
places should be able to tell you who looks after cemeteries in your

 Another place is your Vital Statistics may have a place you could contact. 

Was there a Church nearby? They may have records of burials. - Virginia A
Braun (Manitoba)

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I am trying to have a rural burial site recognized.  It is situated by the
CPR tracks where Ibsen, Saskatchewan was at one time.  Buried here is
Freidrike Domres aged 82 who died in 1902.  Also buried here is a baby just
3 months old.  She was the first born of my grandparents, William and
Lucinda Teske. Also buried here is a Doering in 1914.  

Some time ago I acquired the following info from the Cemeteries of the
Saskatchewan Rural Municipality of SCOTT (No. 98) - Cemetery Number - 98.4,
Cemetery Name - Yellow Grass. Land Description - NW1/4 27-10-17 W2.   I have
been out to the site and I believe it is across the grid road at NE1/4

If there is anyone on this list that might have any info about this burial
site or knows of any other people who might be buried here I would like to
hear from you.



Joan (Teske) Meyer.








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