Archive Records

Archives in Poland

1. The SEZAM database
This site basically contains information on all the Polish National Archives plus the holdings in each. Complete information is on the webpage.

Of the several SEZAM databases, the best one to use is the PRADZIAD database. It focuses on Records from Parish and Civil Registration Offices, which comprises data on parish and civil registers preserved in all State Archives. One can search the database by location of town or parish, Province, Religion or event type.

In addition, there is the AGAD database.

Use this last link to search for Volhynian records stored in Warsaw Archives (from the western part of Volhynia that was part of Poland between World War I and II).

2. Polish State Archives
Follow the link at the bottom for "Databases" for more information on what is available.
List of Archives

3. Archive of the Capital City of Warsaw - mostly in Polish. Click the English flag for some English pages.

4. Polish Roots provides addresses of Polish archives, both State and ecclesiastical. Caution - the page was last updated in 1999.

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Ukrainian Archives

1. Lemko Site - This is a listing of the addresses of archives in Western Ukraine and Southeast Poland.

2. Ukrainian Archives - Overview of Archives in Ukraine and how to contact them (in English).


Archives in Germany with Church Records

1. Evangelical Central in Berlin contains records for the Prussian church provinces beyond the Oder-Neisse border (Eastern Prussia, Western Prussia, East Pomerania, Posen, eastern territories of Mark Brandenburg and Silesia) and some. Protestant military church registers. They do not possess any general registers on baptism, marriages and funerals. The place (obligatory) and the year (facultative) of the occurrence have to be indicated to initiate the search in the church books in possession of the Archive.

The church books of the former Prussian church provinces beyond the Oder-Neisse border are now subject to the new term of copyright of the Archives Law of the Evangelical Church of the Union (EKU) of 6 May 2000, according to which church books cannot be put to use of the third until 10 years after the death or 90 years after the birth of the person concerned have passed. Baptismal registers can be read until 31 December 1912, confirmation registers until 31 December 1927, and marriage registers until 31 December 1932."

2. See also Uwe Kerntopf's Dobriner Site which provides lists of EZA records in the Lipno and Rypin areas of Poland (The Dobriner Land). See the side bar at that site labeled "evangelische Kirchen." This site also ties the EZA records to the Family History Library film numbers for the same area, and also lists available records for the Lipno and Rypin area being held in Polish Archives.

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