Holy Trinity Lutheran Church - Lublin

In June 2013 the pastor of this church who oversaw and promoted the digital archiving of their records moved to Warsaw. Since that time all attempts to contact the church have gone unanswered. Please do not try order records or send payment to them until further notice. Until that time it may not be possible to obtain these records unless you visit the church personally or the Family History Library finally releases their digitized copies.

Website - http://www.lublin.luteranie.pl/en.index1.php

Requesting Records

Records found in this digital archive can be requested from the church in Lublin. It is best to email the church at luteranie.lublin@gmail.com for these requests. It would be most convenient to copy the entire row corresponding to a single record from the results output of a search you have made. That information should be sufficient for the church staff to know which record(s) you are interested in. Note that the data elements Disk, Folder, File, and Reg, # provide the information where they can locate your records of interest.  The names associated with the record provide the confirmation that you have specified the correct record.

The church staff or pastor can only understand Polish or German. Any email messages directed to them should be in either of these languages. Generally, the information from the results output should be sufficient for them to understand that you are requesting the indicated records. If you would like birth/baptismal records from anyone potentially still living then please indicate this in your email message and specify the disk and folder where you expect the record to be. Note that the search engine will allow visibility to records of those who may still be living, yet not disclose their identities. You can copy and paste the lines below in red  (Polish) or blue (German) for use in your email. Translation of these sentences are followed in italics. Other examples of text you may wish to use follow this important one.


Jezeli sa dostepne swiadectwa urodzin/chrzcin dotyczacych {last name, first name} na Dysku {##}, Pliku {folder name}, bylbym bardzo wdzieczny za przeslanie tych swiadectw.
Wenn Sie eine Geburts/Taufurkunde für {last name, first name} von DVD {##}, Ordner {folder name} vorliegen haben, bitte ich hiermit um Übersendung diese Urkunde.
If you have a birth/baptismal records for {last name, first name} from Disk {##}, Folder {folder name}, I would appreciate it you could send this record.


Bylbym/bylabym bardzo wdzieczny/wdzieczna za udostepnienin nastepujacych swiadectw:
Bitte möchte ich die folgende Urkunden bekommen:
I would appreciate the following records:


W zamian za zamowione swiadectwa, zalaczylem/zalaczylam jako donacje , kwote {xxx} Euros przelewem pienieznym via Paypal.
Für die Urkunde / die Urkunden ist ein Betrag von {xxx} Euro per Paypal / Überweisung angewiesen.
For the requested records I have submitted a contribution of {xxx} Euros via Paypal / money transfer.



The church as of March 2012 has hired two assistants to help with retrieval of records from the digital archive. To pay for their services they are asking that 20 Euros be sent for each record requested. We hope to dialogue with Pastor Chwastek on these recent changes to possibly develop a sliding scale for payment when someone orders multiple records at once. We realize at this rate the cost of many records can become exhorbitant. 

The church has three mechanisms by which they can receive donations:

 1 – Credit Card (online payments can be made via their website - http://www.lublin.luteranie.pl/en.index1.php )

2 – PayPal (specify their email address as luteranie.lublin@gmail.com )

3 – A direct transfer to the bank account of the Church between EURO countries using an EU wire transfer costs as much as a domestic money transfer. Bank transfers from non EURO countries are associated with increased costs and therefore recommended only for larger amounts. The information below is required.

Church Address:
Parafia Ewangelicko-Augsburska w Lublinie
ul. I Armii Wojska Polskiego 10
20-078 Lublin

Name and Address of their bank:
Bank Millenium S.A.
ul. Stanisława Żaryna 2A
02-593 Warszawa

Bank Account (for Euros): PL 06 1160 2202 0000 0001 5785 3937

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