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Handouts from our 2011 convention provide many of the resources and examples provided on these pages. These are conveniently contained with this Cyrillic Handouts pdf file.

Examples of translated documents (Napoleonic format)

Translation of Months

Translation of Numbers

Deciphering Town Names

Ordered alphabetically according to Cyrillic characters. Click on the letters for examples beginning with that character. Note: Examples are based on towns in the Lublin Parish records. The names in black are current Polish spellings of each town. The letters in red represent phonetic pronounciation of the Cyrillic characters using phonetics of the German language. The dark blue text represents conversion of the handwritten Cyrillic letters to the current printed Cyrillic characters.

А Б В, Г, Д, Е Ж, З И, Й К Л М, Н
О, П Р С У Т, Ф Х, Ц, Ч, Щ Ы, Э Ю, Я
Wola / Wolka Towns

Progress Quiz

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Additional Resources

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