About Members Only

The following areas are accessible only to SGGEE members, in a password-protected section of the site:


Maps and Indices

Look at maps and a searchable index of village names in Poland and Volhynia. Maps and Index provided for SGGEE use by Jerry Frank.


History Book Index

Look at a searchable database of surnames found in local history books from various areas of Canada and the United States.  Members can contact the owners of the local history books for biographical sketches of the persons listed. There are 23,570 names in the index as of January 24, 2003.


Membership Database 

Contact information for SGGEE members, including who speaks which languages.


Journals Page

Read the quarterly Journals published by SGGEE.  You can view a free sample of our December 2001 edition. We also have a complete index available covering all past issues.


Master Pedigree Database

This Master Pedigree Database is a listing of data from many sources, and includes Polish and Volhynian data that is from SGGEE members on their German-Volhynian and German-Polish ancestors. It is, to the extent provided by our members, also a listing of data on the descendents of those ancestors.  We hope that by including a listing of all of the descendants of the older generations that your search for your ancestors will be easier and that it will be easier to find cousins who share common lines with you.  For privacy, no living persons under age 80 are listed by name in the database.  Every year, however, the display shows those who have turned 80 in the preceding year.  Refer to our Privacy Policy for more complete details. The database is searchable both up and down the family trees listed. There are over 534,000 names in the database as of December, 2011. This number goes both up and down depending on the ratio of submitted names to those that are merged.


Parish Records Index (PRI) Database

SGGEE has access to the indices of films of original Polish birth, marriage and death records. This database is now also fully searchable. Let us know who you seek, and we will see if we can find even more information about that person for you. There are 368,800 names in this database as of February, 2012.


Advanced Search - St. Petersburg Records - Names and Partial Names

The public area of the website includes a normal search of the St. Petersburg Volhynian Lutheran birth, marriage and death records. The members-only area includes an advanced search engine for each of the databases to find second surnames that may be listed in addition to the first surname (the normal search will only find the first surname). The advanced search engine will also allow a member to find any occurrence of any series of letters anywhere in the database. Thus, with the advanced search, you can find surnames where either the translator or the pastor wrote the incorrect first letter, or you can do a search for a part of a name. If a member searches for "ess" in a normal search of the St. Petersburg birth records, he will find only 15 names, all beginning with "Ess" With the advanced search, he will find 156 surnames, with the "ess" anywhere in the name. For instance, this advanced search will find Less and Laess, as well as many others.


Advanced Search - St. Petersburg Records - to Locate a Village

Many villages in Volhynia have the same name. That makes it difficult to discover which village is the one that your ancestor came from. This new database will help you to discover which village is the one you seek, since it is all the birth, marriage and death records for Volhynia sorted by film number and registration number. That means that the data is in the same order as the route of travel of the pastor who created the records. You can look at the villages that the pastor visited before and after your village to discover which villages your village is near.

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