Baptist Records in Volhynia

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Baptist Church Records in Volhynia

Included with all of the people who lived in Volhynia, a significant number were of German ancestry, some of whom were of the Baptist faith. These people moved into Volhynia from the German states and Prussia and Russian Poland throughout the 19th century. It is important to note that many Baptist churches were founded as the result of significant conversions from Lutheran and other faiths. Therefore, if your roots are Baptist, you might expect to find earlier ancestors being Lutheran.

At the present time, few Baptist records from Volhynia are known to have been microfilmed and research there is very difficult if not impossible. A link to a table of marriages from Kolowert has been found.


Church Province Year Established Status
Kolowert Rowno 1920 agadd M (1920-1939)
Lucynow Rowno 1881
Porozow Rowno 1927
Roszyszce (Wilnianka) Luck 1884


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