Kleszczow Parish History


Settlement and history - Evangelical Lutheran settlers of German, and Polish nationalities as well as Czechs of the Reformed faith bought the Dominium Kleszczow in 1818. They came from Prussian Silesia and the Province of Posen. A number of villages were formed. The more affluent Evangelical farmers settled the better soil of Kleszczow, Kucow and Folwark (Nowe Folwarki). The poorer colonists settled in the sandier soil of Stawek (Stawki), and Rogowiec (Pustkowie-Rogowiec).

In addition to these original settlers there also came colonists from the parishes of Lask, Wielun and Belchatow. Single Evangelical Czech and Polish families also settled in the surrounding towns of Kleszczow, Kucow, Luszczanowice, Zlobnica, , Folwark, Janow and Wiewiec.

The actual foundation of the parish did not take place until 1847. Before that the Catholic Church performed marriages and baptisms.

The affiliate Dziepolc was bound to Kleszczow in 1853.

There was 1 church, 3 prayer halls, 13 cemeteries.

Villages associated with Kleszczow:



Folwark (Nowe Folwarki)

Stawek (Stawki)

Rogowiec (Pustkowie-Rogowiec)







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