Piotrkow Parish History


Settlement and history - Piotrkow Parish was founded in 1796 in the form of Kantorat Leonow. But it wasn’t officially inaugurated until 1813. A large number of Prussian officials, military personnel and craftsmen settled here after the second partition of Poland in 1793. A number of Evangelical Lutheran villages were established around the City of Petrikau . They were served by the military parish until the regular parish was established. Even then, until the end of Prussian rule, the regular parish was served by a military pastor.

From 1807 to 1824 the parish became “orphaned” and was served by periodical visits from pastors of the Lask, Bruzyca, and Ilow Parishes.

In 1852 the parish formed the affiliate of Przedborz. In 1857 the parish formed the affiliate of Pilica, and in 1874 the affiliate of Kamocin.

There were 2 churches, 6 prayer halls and 7 cemeteries.

Villages associated with Piotrkow:








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